Тема: Dialogue about the first acquaintance of friends.

Dialogue "Meeting friends"

 - Hello, Sasha! How glad I am to see you!

- Hello, Ivan! Finally met! How are you? What's up? Have you already moved into a new apartment?

 - Everything is good! Yes, we moved. Only yesterday! So much hassle with that move, I was busy all the time. At first he packed his things, then he and his parents threw away everything unnecessary, then they called a truck to transport everything. And then in the new house they unpacked and rearranged things.

Oh, it's not easy. You haven't been out for almost a week!

- That's how it turned out. I missed you!

- I also. I went for walks with friends, but without you everything is not so interesting.

- Thank you friend! Well, now we'll see each other often, as always. Besides, we are now almost neighbors, so we can stay with each other until late in the evening.

- It's just great! Well, how do you like your new home?

- I like! It is much more spacious than the previous one, I have a large room of my own, where you can watch movies, listen to music, and no one will interfere. Plus, I really like the view from the ninth floor - the whole neighborhood is in the palm of your hand!

-Oh, how interesting! Glad for you!

- You know what? Come to visit tonight, I'll show you everything and tell you.

- Okay! I also have a lot of news for you!